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The Arai Joomla Slideshow is a superior method for producing simple and valuable headers / slides / photo gallery.

The Arai Joomla Slideshow - authoritative, uncontested and highly useful photo array that possess  a plethora of important features. With the Joomla slidshow component you have taken a very major step in the right direction toward a fully professional digital creation, should it be for a web site, XML flash slideshow, or slideshow or possibly even for personal usage like a family memento.  Unquestionably, you can make use of the photographs from the photo batch in almost any format of flash functionality your heart may imagine.

The Joomla Slideshow puts significant weight on your digital flash production and will absolutely serve as a draw to attract the desired audience.  The array permits auto-viewing with flash slideshow, which means that with one tap on the mouse activates a slow-motion unbroken flip-through of the photographic batch.  The array additionally has the capability to enlarge where mousing over a photo activates a larger photo version to be view while maintaining the original backdrop of photos.  The photo batch is also capable of ‘viewing without border’ which excludes annoying pop-out or unessential ‘graffiti’ on the margins.  At the same time the gallery allows you to place any narrative you might feel obliged to include.  Once inserted however, the text is unobtrusive but also certainly noticeable.  Moreover, with Joomla slideshow extension it is very user-friendly the simple control panel permits customers to manage both the application as well as the photographs in the array of their flash slideshow.

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