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Flipping Book with Page Flip effect Joomla! extension is an outstanding tool to create portfolio, wedding album or online publication. There is easy to use Joomla! Page Flip Component flash album for almost any reason you might envision, be that for a business or personal application. 

Apart from its simplicity there are several different functionalities that differentiate the album from run-of-the-mill flash array creators.  The Joomla Flipping Book has the capability to produce spread pages when the need arises for wide images you desire to insert into the Flip Book.  The FlipBook Joomla gallery extension also has the ability to embed a host of video applications straight into the array.  

v2 Flipping Book Joomla! extension features:


Multi-level Zoom

Flipping Book Joomla! component

 - Zoom Features

 - How to prepair images to Flip Book publication

 - Use different images for preview and zoomed pages


Table of content

Flip Book fpr Joomla table of content

 - Different ways to navigate through your e-book.
   Table of contents or Pages preview


Customizable interface

Flip Book Joomla Navigation

 - Choose your interface style with Flip Book config

 - Create your own Page Flip navigation, it's easy


Create Your First Joomla Flip Book

The Joomla Page Flip may also allow you to use animations with frame by frame scripting.  Moreover, the application permits the placement of HTML links straight into the flash page flip Joomla! album.  It should be obvious by now that the Page Flip has an extremely wide range of imaginable usages.  Only a dull mind hems in what is possible to produce with the stupendous application to create online portfolio with flash page flip Joomla! Page Flip.

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