5 Activities That Will Make You a Better Surfer

Staying in shape, when you are not able to go surfing, is an important part of becoming a better surfer. You want to make sure you are fit and ready when the next big swell arrives and therefore you need to train hard to maintain good cardiovascular endurance.

Even when you can go surfing every day, additional training is a vital part of improving your skills as a surfer. Different kinds of activities like weight lifting and yoga can improve your surf skills in a way that you can’t achieve in the water.

We have listed some of our favorite activates, that we find complementary to surfing.


The best training for surfing will always be in the ocean. However, you might live in a place where there is no swell during the summer period. If the ocean is flat, it’s still a good idea to grab your board and just go out for a paddle or a SUP session. Paddling build up strength and cardiovascular endurance, which makes you stay in shape for the winter season. SUP Paddle will activate your leg and core muscles, which is important for your surfing.

Fitness and workout

Surfing is a full-body workout, from shoulder and back activation while paddling, to leg and core activation while riding the wave. Many surfers have discovered the benefits of hitting the gym and it can be very beneficial to add a surf workout program, to your weekly training routine. Lifting weights will help to improve your overall strength in legs and come, so you will be able to do more powerful turns and take your air-game to the next level.


Running is one of the best and most popular activities when it comes to the improvement of your cardiovascular endurance. Running is a good complimentary sport to surfing since it helps maintain good endurance and will lead to increased lung capacity. Running is a popular form of cardio training, since it doesn’t require any equipment and can be done anywhere.


Staying flexible is important in surfing. Many surfers have a stretching routine they do before and after sessions, but if you want to reach your body’s full potential, you should consider yoga for surfers. Yoga is very beneficial for surfers since it helps with, flexibility, balance, lung capacity, and mental strength.

Surf skate

Surf skate has become very popular in recent years and is a great way to stay in tune with the techniques, while you are waiting on the next big swell. Surf skate is a skateboard build for the streets, that provides the same kind of movements and turns as you know from surfing.