The One Cosmetic Product for any Man or Woman

One might argue that cosmetics are only for women. At least the tradition over many decades has been for women to make themselves up with creams and lipstick. But if there were to be one single product that both men and women not only could use but should use, it is sun cream!

Sun lotion that protects against the sun’s harmful rays is really more than just a cosmetic product. It is a protective product that both protects your skin from burning in the short term, but also against potential skin cancer in the long term. Whether you use Lancaster sun cream or any other sun cream, it is important to protect your skin while the sun is out!

In summer or winter

The sun is out year-round, even though you don’t feel the heat. If you live in the northern hemisphere, where the sun doesn’t show itself during winter, you might neglect to put on sunblock. This is a mistake: even though the sun’s rays aren’t as strong as during summer, they are still penetrating the clouds and reaching your exposed skin.

So, if you want to be really diligent about it, you should wear sunscreen like Lancaster sun cream every day when you are out. Even if you are inside and perhaps working by a window, you might want to consider wearing sunscreen.

The anti-aging product

The cosmetic world continuously pumps out new products that promise anti-aging benefits, when in fact, once you have aged, you can’t go back. But what you can do is to prevent and protect your skin to avoid it from aging fast. The sun is a big culprit when it comes to pigmentation and wrinkling in the skin

So, to avoid this, you want to wear a protective Lancaster sun cream or the like of at least factor 30 or 50, especially when you are out in the sun. A big tip is to remember to wear enough of it as well. You need to cover every single exposed area and apply more than you think you need. If you don’t apply enough, you might not get the factor 30 or 50 as promised on the bottle.